I am Joseph. I do prefer not to be called Joe. I love a girl. I love my friends. I love my family. I love some cats. I love certain uses of light, pigment, form, texture, sound and silence. I even love myself at times. My more recent original work is tagged #original. I hope to inspire creativity, laughter, enlightenment and the unisex version of boners.
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Happy frothy July.


Post normative.


Seven Syllables Of A Haiku Obscured By A Vegan Hotdog, 2014




Photoshop has become a fixture of the photography world in the US, but Esther Honig wanted to examine retouching standards overseas.

Esther sent an ordinary head shot to 40 individuals from 25 different countries, asking each of them to “make her beautiful” with Photoshop.

Photographer Examines Retouching Standards in Different Countries

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Watch: ’The Daily Show’ absolutely nailed what it’s like to be a woman on campus today 

James Madison University joined the ever-growing list of U.S. colleges that have grossly mishandled sexual assault and rape cases last week when a young woman claimed that the school punished the three men who assaulted her by expelling them — after graduation.

Jon Stewart echoed the perplexed outrage of many on The Daily Show last night when he asked, “Wait a minute, ‘expelled upon graduation?’ Isn’t that… graduation? … What the fuck? … Clearly, universities are not making their campuses safe for women.”

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Iasonas Kampanis


Iasonas Kampanis


Oh no! Middle school students have taken over a printing facility, and they’re publishing their own versions of five popular magazines!

Finish reading 5 Middle School Magazines

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh 


Element Flinger


Element Flinger

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Not sure why we haven’t featured Gangster Doodle's work before, but he's been updating his tumblr with endless amounts of awesome doodles of artists. Working with 3×3-inch Post-It notes and basic office supplies, G.Doodles has made quite a name for himself drawing everyone from Jai Paul to Jay-Z. You can grab his 6” x 6” book via Stonesthrow HERE

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