I am Joseph. I do prefer not to be called Joe. I love a girl. I love my friends. I love my family. I love some cats. I love certain uses of light, pigment, form, texture, sound and silence. I even love myself at times. My more recent original work is tagged #original. I hope to inspire creativity, laughter, enlightenment and the unisex version of boners.
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Stefan Thompson

He gets me.

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Throwback Thursday: Bat Mitzvah style. 10 years ago today.

My cute girlfriend and her parade wave.


This pen-device lets you draw every single color in the world.
matches hues and transfers them onto paper or a mobile device. The pen is armed with a 16-bit RGB color sensor that stores the colors you tell it to.

“Every single color” isn’t quite accurate. http://blog.imagesmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/img-gamut.jpg


Nine Inch Nails, lyrical discography


Aurel Schmidt

Black Drawings


Shut Us Down by curlyface on SoundCloud             

Made this using a sample of Ke$ha speak-singing “po-po shut us down.” There will be bass.

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Collection of bespoke chairs designed by Spanish artist Maximo Riera, the seven intricately molded pieces of furniture range from $59,000  to $109500.  The Chairs are made of high-density polyurethane, weighing approximately 353 lbs.  Each piece is made to order and takes up to 11 weeks to produce.  More than 30 professionals from five different companies have been involved in the process. complete collection on his website

  • The Rhino Chair (Taming of the Fury)
  • The Octopus Chair (Emerging from the Depths)
  • The Beetle Chair (Native Shield)


Octopus with human hands.


Open all night, Patrick Joust

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